Election Results

Election Results


* Election results are certified by each county on November 28, 2017. The Secretary of State certifies final results on December 01, 2017. Results below are unofficial at this time.


Concord Twp.

Bethel Twp.

NOTE: Election information below for each race will be updated after election results are certified 12-1-17.

Democratic ballot

Republican Ballot

PA GA Representative - 160th
PA GA Representative - 160th
RStephen E. Barrar100%
PA GA Senator - 9th
DMarty Molloy100%
PA GA Senator - 9th
RThomas H. Killion100%
US Congress Representative - 7th
(Vote for One)
DMary Ellen Balchunis73.8%
DBill Golderer26.2%
US Congress Representative - 7th
(Vote for One)
RStan Casacio23.8%
RPatrick L. Meehan76.2%
State Treasurer
DJoe Torsella100%
State Treasurer
ROtto Voit100%
Auditor General
DEugene A. Depasquale100%
Auditor General
RJohn Brown100%
Attorney General (Vote for One)
DJohn Morganelli16.29%
DJosh Shapiro47.08%
DStephen A. Zappala Jr.36.64%
Attorney General (Vote for One)
RJoe Peters36.13%
RJohn Rafferty63.87%
US Senator (Vote for One)
DJohn Fetterman19.64%
DJoe Sestak32.89%
DKatie McGinty43.02%
US Senator
RPat Toomey100%
US President (Vote for One)
DHillary Clinton55.58%
DBernie Sanders43.56%
DRoque Rocky De La Fuente0.86%
US President (Vote for One)
RTed Cruz21.64%
RMarco Rubio0.75%
RJeb Bush0.59%
RBen Carson0.93%
RJohn R. Kasich19.35%
RDonald J. Trump56.74%

Ballot questions

Proposed Constitutional Amendment 2 - Abolition of the Philadelphia Traffic Court
Yes = 59.68%
No = 40.32%

Shall the Home Rule Charter contained in the report, dated February 11, 2016 of theConcord Township Government Study Commission, prepared inaccordance with the Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law, be adopted by the Township of Concord?
Yes = 59.33%
No = 40.67%

National convention delegates

Wendy Wolf8.61%
Shelly Rahman8.48%
Kristin Seale8.11%
Jannine K. Lau8.04%
Teresita Diaz Bradley7.47%
Brianna Johnston7.25%
Danielle Fendrick7.11%
Barbara G. Blum6.51%

Tom Herman8.18%
Daylin Leach8.12%
Kenneth Lawrence II7.82%
Jim Savage7.52%
Walter Weeks6.78%

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