Effective May 18, 2022, the Concord-Bethel Democratic Committee, that you know, will change. Two critical actions have occurred that necessitates this change.

Because of State redistricting of the PA House 160th district, Chester Heights now shares all major races with Concord township and will be joining the Concord Democrats under the new name of the Garnet Valley Democratic Committee (GVDC).   
To follow the new Garnet Valley Democrats Facebook page and sign up for email communications (Concord & Chester Heights), visit: 
Website: https://gvdems.com/

After more than 10 years of association, Bethel Township Democrats have decided to transition to their own committee and are in the process of branding themselves as the Bethel Democrats of Garnet Valley.  
To follow the new Bethel Democrats of Garnet Valley Facebook page and sign up for email communications, visit: 
Website:  https://Betheldems.com/

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